The Call of the North…

Hail friends and followers,

It has been a while since my last Blog post – 3 Sabbats have passed in fact and much has happened in that time!

I found myself towards Samhain last year being called to a different branch of the Path again – and like the pull of Avalon it was incredibly strong.

I have spent my hibernating Winter months exploring this path further and I am finally ready to talk about my experiences and where this journeying has led me.


Last year I had a very vivid dream where I followed my Wolf guide Jacob (you’ll remember him from previous posts – this time he was not in his human form) up a large, snow-capped mountain. At the top of the mountain I was met by a striking female aspect of the Goddess, wearing thick animal furs and with a scar across her face.

She appeared to be rather formidable, but not intimidating. I asked her who she was, and just as I began to be pulled out of the dream into wakefulness I heard one very clear, very distinct word. A name. Skadi.

Now I knew very little about Skadi, other than the fact that she is a Norse Jotun (Giant) Goddess of Winter who had an unsuccessful marriage to Njordh – the God of the Ocean.

I had seen depictions of her in some of my favourite Tarot / Oracle decks – often depicted as a Shamanistic Goddess of the Sami people.

To begin with I filed the experience away and thought I’d address it at a later date.

But Skadi had other ideas. I dreamt of her again, this time she was the guide – leading me to a great wooden hall (what I now know was a Long house). Within the hall sat a woman. No, not a woman. A Goddess. A beautiful, calming, motherly – loving yet firm, energy that filled me. Again I woke, but I was not sure who I had met in my dreams.

I meditated on this latest visit and came to understand that Skadi was not the Goddess who was trying to connect to me – she was the guide. Jacob has taken me to her, and she in turn had taken me to what I now recognise as Fensalir… the Hall of Mists (hello Avalon connection…) and the Goddess who I had felt overwhelming love for was Frigga, the AllMother.

I felt like Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir had been dropped from the sky onto the Path before me… not unlike this beautiful artwork whose creator I wish I knew!


I began to read about the Norse Pagan Path – Asatru as it is sometimes called.

It is a branch of Paganism that I had never really studied beyond a little Rune work and the names of a few of the Gods and Goddess.

The Norse Pagan path has unfortunately attracted quite a bad press over recent years because of a number of Neo-Nazi / White supremacist groups (especially in the US) had taken to calling themselves Odinists/ Heathens/Folkists and using their online community groups to promote racists and homophobic ideals.

I am completely against this, so had avoided this particular avenue of the Path.

But in my studying I have found that there are plenty of Universalist (not Folkish) groups and individuals out there and actually, the Norse Pagan Path is a beautiful, comfortable, naturally, earthy and informal type of Pagan Practice that I have come to feel incredibly at home with.

After devouring the Myths, Prose and Poetic Eddas, reading essay after essay and as many books as I could get my hands on (my wish list is still large…) I began to practice some basic Heathen Ritual and Seidr in order to form a bond with the Gods and Goddesses of this new Path.

In particular, I have focused my attention on Frigga because she is the Lady of the Hall of Mists who had called to me.

I practiced weekly Blots (rituals of offering) to the Allfather, Odin, and the AllMother, Frigga as well as to the Ancestors (The Alfar – the male ancestors, and the Disir – the female ancestors) and to the LandWights (spirits of the land on which we dwell).

I then began Pathworking Meditations to visit Frigga in her Hall Fensalir, and began to form a bond with her. She told me that she has come forward now that I am a Mother, and the sole breadwinner in my family, to help me keep me home and hearth in order and to help me to develop my confidence in Motherhood. This is something which I have struggled with, so it made sense to me as soon as she said it that she is a Matron guide for this particular time in my life.

At the Equinox I performed a Norse Ritual with a Blot and Sumble Ceremony with my Husband and our soul sister Moonstream, and it was beautiful. It was relaxed, funny, comfortable and it felt very natural to me.

I have since marked the recent Full Moon in a similar way with my husband, dedicating it to the Vanir – the Fertility and Prosperity Gods Freyr and his Twin flame/sister Freyja, and the relative ease to which I am becoming accustomed to this style of Ritual has had such an impact on my Spirituality. I feel renewed and reinvigorated.

Avalon is still a place of important signifcance to me. If it had not been for the ways of Avalon, I do not think I would have such a bond with the Divine Feminine – which includes Frigga.

The fact that her hall Fensalir is the hall of Mists, and she is its Lady, also speaks volumes to me. There is also a new Norse Pagan store in my beloved Glastonbury called ShieldMaiden. I am hoping to visit on my new pilgrimage and get myself a Mjolnir pendent.

I wear a Yggdrasil Tree pendant on a daily basis now, and my husband gifted me with a Vegvisir – a Viking Compass pendent.


Our Hearth Altar now at home is Dedicated to the Norse Gods, and I gain comfort sitting before it every evening – even if it’s just for a few moments.

So inspired have I been that I have created a new Facebook group and blog to support myself and others who are interested in the Norse Pagan Path.

The groups is called Frigga’s Hearth Kindred, and I am very excited about it.


The group can be found here:

FB – Frigga’s Hearth Pagan Kindred

Instagram – Frigga’s Hearth

For anyone who may be interested in this particular part of my journey!

I will continue my blog posts here, as well as on these pages regarding the Norse Pagan Path, but I just wanted to share with you all what an incredible time I am having exploring a new aspect to my Spirituality – and how much Joy and Happiness it is bringing me!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the Spring!

May Day / Beltane / Walspurgis is next – bring on the Summer!

Hail to all, May the Gods Bless you and Keep you and yours in health, love & prosperity!




20 Years ~ a Samhain Reflection


20 Years.


20 Years is a lifetime. It is Birth to Adulthood. It is 2 whole decades. It is 2/3 of my life.

When I was 11 Years old, 2 days after my Birthday, at Samhain on the 31st of October, I took a small tealight candle, placed it on my small make-shift Altar (which I had to take down in between Rituals because my family didn’t know) and I sprinkled some Lavender around it. I rubbed Patchouli oil on it, lit it and I made a pledge.



I called to the ‘White Goddess’ and ‘Horned God’ – for at that time I had no names for them. I knew them from the Wiccan books by Scott Cunningham I had been reading (Thank you Woolwich Library). Cernunnos and Diana didn’t quite fit for me at that time, though they were quite popular in those particular Wiccan books. It would be a couple of years before I found Brighid and Herne worked for me.

On that night, I swore to spend my life celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats. To be a Pagan in my thought, word and deed, to Honour the Old Gods, practice the Old Ways and to practice positive Witchcraft. I pledged to be a child of the Goddess and a Daughter to the God. I also made a promise to myself that I would hold strong and fast with my beliefs, and that I would not allow others to ridicule what I felt in my heart and knew in my soul. I was no ordinary 11 year old. I didn’t reveal my Path to anyone for 4 years. When I was 15, my friends spotted a small Pentacle I used to wear (usually hidden beneath my uniform it was the size of a 5 pence piece, and had come caught up in my collar and therefore was on display. Having watched The Craft and Buffy, they knew what it meant and instantly asked me questions. 2 of them joined me in the woods or park for Spell Casting, and one asked me to work magic on her behalf quite regularly! But generally it was kept quiet and I didn’t talk about it except with those people.) When I was 16, I revealed it in an English Lesson in 6th form when asked to join a table for either Athiest, Agnostic, Theist or PolyTheist.


Me aged 16 

I chose the Polytheist table and revealed myself to the entire class. From then on, I no longer hid my Pentacle and you could regularly find me sat at  table in the 6th form canteen reading Tarot cards for my Peers.

This Samhain just passed, that Candle was lit and those promises were sworn, TWENTY Years ago…


My first humble little Altar on my bedside Table. Goddess statue, Chalice and Crystal ball were gifts from my family when they found out I was Pagan.

In that time I have been a Solitary,  worked in a pair (Claire, Clare and Sam all at different times), worked in a group (Sam and Linda), helped run a Pagan Society (Kent Pag Soc), Founded and ran a Coven (Celtic Moon) which developed into a Pagan Circle and online community (Celtic Moon) and now I have returned to a Solitary who sometimes works Magick and Pilgrimages with her Spiritual Sisters, and who practices Ritual Magick and Divination with my Husband and together we Celebrate the Sabbats with our Daughter… What a Beautiful journey of experience so far!

I have been a Wiccan, a Celtic Pagan,  a Faery Witch, a Druid, and then I found the Avalon Pagan Path. For now I am a Celtic Witch and an Avalonian Druidess. I say ‘for now’ because the Path continues ahead of us and we change as we move along it!

I have Honoured the Gods and Goddesses with prayer, offerings and pilgrimages.

I have connected with my Spirit Guides Jacob (my old friend, the Man in Wolf’s Clothing, 16 years he has been with me),


Alura (the White Dream Mare – she visits me less now), Lorna – (Celtic Amazon Archetype I’d invoke to keep me strong and safe), The Green Girl (My Faery Path Guide) and of course in recent years the wonderfully wise Grandmother Crow… Who needs no further introduction nor explanation!


Owl has been strong since Willow’s Birth, but this may be because Owl is HER guide and I can just sense it… I am not sure if her messages are for Willow or me yet!

Through all of it, I have been self-taught.

That is to say, my training has been through experience and practice. My learning and knowledge absorbed from reading, studying, practicing and experiencing. My ability led by intuition, gut feeling and inner knowledge. Nobody has conferred the title of Priestess on me, yet a Priestess I am – made by the God and Goddess themselves.

I forget this sometimes – when the mundane world or the necessity to focus on the less magical aspects of life is required. I forget the magick. I forget the energies. I forget my own inner wisdom and courage.

I can be unkind to myself, unconfident and allow myself to be vulnerable.

I need to remember the pledges that I made 20 years ago. I need to remember the that rules I chose to live by, and the promise I made to myself and to the Gods:

  1. I will remember always that We are of the Old Ways, among those who walk with the Goddesses and The Gods and receive their Love. I am part of the Magick, a child of the Gods and a part of the circle of Life.
  2. I will keep the Sabbats and Esbats to the best of my abilities.
  3. HARM NONE: This, the oldest law, is not open to interpretation or change.
  4. Shed not blood in ritual; the spirits need not blood & sacrifice to be duly worshipped. Prayer and Offerings of Incense, Mead and Food will suffice, as will your Love.
  5. Those of our way are Kind to all creatures: Harm None.
  6. Ever Mind the Rule of Three!
  7. You must Live by the 6 Celtic Values: Honour, Loyalty, Hospitality, Honesty, Justice and Courage (I forget these sometimes and need to focus on them more!)
  8. Love, Truth and Inner Strength are my personal values to live by.

Part of my Oath Ritual :

“I, _______,  in the presence of the Universe, the Lord & Lady, the Spirits of Earth and of Nature, of my own free will and mind declare that from this day forward I shall learn, practice and grow strong on the Pagan Path that I have chosen to walk in this life. I shall harm none and do my best to help others and to teach others. I will love and harm none. I will live, love, die and live again. I will will meet, remember, know and embrace once more. Forever I shall honour, respect and cherish the Oath that I have taken…”

This Samhain, because of my 20 year anniversary (Pan-niversary? Pag-Aversary?) I wanted to mark the Witches New Year and the Final Harvest in a special way. By returning to the Roots of my practice.

So Husband and I began with a Woodland walk – little one went to her Grandma’s for the afternoon, and we took some time to meander through the forest.

I took some time to talk to the Gods while Hubby took some stunning seasonal photographs. We collected a few items (I carried a Chestnut with me which I poured my hopes and thoughts for the new year into, and then planted it before we left.)

That night, whilst I soothed the little one to sleep, Hubby set up the living room and created my Samhain Temple. I had a bath and prepared for Ritual.


I wanted to perform parts of this particular Ritual Skyclad – I have not included the full Skyclad photos here – Hubby took Photographs to mark the memory of my 20th Year Ritual – I don’t usually take photos during Ritual, but this was a special occasion, and as I wasn’t working Magick or spells specifically, I felt that it would be ok.

Just as I used to, I sat in a circle of Tealights, with my Altar before me.

I took my Books of Shadow (2 which I am now amalgamating into One large leather bound Tombe) and found my Samhain Rituals from my Solitary practice. I haven’t used them in in a while. I found them, and my Ancestor Mother meditation for Scrying on Samhain.

I cast the Circle in the Traditional way, and called to the Quarters, the elements, my Guides and to the Gods. I called to the Calleiach, to Morrighan and the Crone of Winter. I called to the waning God, and to my Ancestors to join me in the circle.

I Celebrated a Rite of Samhain, giving thanks and Blessings to the Ancestors and for all that will come in the following year. I then celebrated the Mothers of my Line with a Scrying meditation dedicated specifically to them.

I ended by giving offerings to the God and Goddess, drinking Blessed Wine, and finally closing down the circle again in a traditional way.


I felt the power and energy of Samhain coursing through me and I knew straight away that this year, this turn of the wheel, is going to be even more magickal than I had thought. This is going to be a very important year for me on the Path, and I cannot wait to share that year’s journey with all of you.

Blessings for the Harvest and for a safe, peaceful and magickal winter for you all my friends,

Blessed be!



3 Sisters of the Goddess

Merry Meet & a Blessed Samhain and Happy Witches New Year to you all!


It has been a while since my last Blog post – the Mundane has been keeping me busy!

I have recently been promoted at work to Head of Department and the role has taken a little while to get settled in to but now things seem to be flowing nicely, I finally have a chance to sit and to blog!

Little one is growing Beautifully every day – she’s talking, playing, being cheeky, learning, developing and making us proud in so many ways! It’s hard to believe that she is 2 and half already.

I will be posting my Samhain Reflections later this weekend, but here is my Post for my Summer visit to Avalon.

In August I undertook the second of our twice annual pilgrimages to Avalon with my Spiritual sister Moonstream, and this time, we took our Celtic Moon Sister Aldana with us too!

Like myself, Aldana is a first time mum to a Beautiful little Faery girl and just like myself she has struggled to find a balance between the mundane, the magickal and Motherhood (which crosses the boundaries of both worlds!). Moonstream and I felt strongly that Aldana would benefit from some shared spiritual time in Avalon – even if it did mean leaving the little ones.

The night before our journey both Moonstream and Aldana came and stayed with the Clan so that we could leave early the next morning.

13987526_10157329087595504_7863578494525925242_oWhen we arrived in Avalon we parked the Car at our home for 2 nights (The Travelodge) and headed in to town and straight for the Tor.

13995524_10157329088075504_2423025392321198720_oAs we walked up the Spiral pathway, we took time to stop and pause at the marked benches. This was so that Moonstream could rest, and allowed Aldana beat a rhythm with her beautiful hand made Blessed Drum. The other walkers on the hill – pagan and muggle dog walkers alike – enjoyed the beat. It was Sunny and surprisingly warm (even though it was August, the walk up the Tor is usually very windy and generally quite cool!).

When we reached the top of the Tor, we took time to enjoy the beautiful views of Modron’s Mound (Chalice Hill), Wearyal Hill and the surrounding land.

The Tor was busy, with mostly muggles and a few tourist groups taking photos. We soon found a spot on the side of the Tor and settled down on the grass for some meditation, oracle card readings and grounding with the Tor beneath our feet.

Aldana had taken her ‘Elen of the Ways’ Oracle cards, and we each drew one for a small reading. Mine was very apt!

I then lay down and began to quiet my mind against the noise of general chatter on the Tor and the distant sound of a passing helicopter.

Aldana at this point began to Drum again.

This time I listened to the drum beat as I lay with my eyes closed. Soon I began to block out the sounds around me and only focus on the Drum. I began to ‘feel’ the pulse of the ground beneath me – almost as if I could feel the Heartbeat of the Tor itself. My mind turned to darkness and I felt myself falling down, down, down into the Tor. I found myself in a dark cavern. It was cool, it was damp, and I could hear water dripping. I could still hear the drum, and feel the earth around me pulsing, but I was also aware of movement in the cavern. In my minds eye, I turned towards the movement, and there in the Darkness I could make out the shape of the Horned God.

I was startled, even in my Dream Questing, to see Him there. I had always associated Avalon with the Goddess, and even though stories of Gwynn ap Nudd abound with the Tor, I STILL usually think of Her when mounting the summit. And here, beneath the ground in the heart of the Tor I felt His presence. He was silent, solemn but not sad, and oozing sexual energy. It was quite a surprise.

Soon Aldana slowed the drum beat down and gently faded it out. As she did so, I slowly felt myself rising back through the Tor, through the layers of earth and clay and mud and back onto the Tor. I opened my eyes and acknowledged the first being that I saw – a Crow.

To my left, my Soul Sister Moonstream was sat in peaceful contemplation, and as Aldana went to Drum in the Tower of St Michael, she and I sat and talked as we worked the individual elements of magic that we had taken with us. Moonstream was giving thanks for new found Love and friendship, I was giving thanks for answered prayers in my last visit to Avalon, and both of us were soaking up the energies of shared Sisterhood in our spiritual home.

Aldana returned from drumming almost buzzing with energey!

We had been on the Tor for 2 hours before we realised that we had grown cold, hungry and were in need of sustenance – so together we headed down into town for food, warmth and preparation to return to our Base for the evening.

As has become customary with our Pilgrimages, I created a mini-Altar in our Hotel room, and laid on it the Clan Pentacles (Me, Willow and Hubby) ready for Blessing the next day at Chalice Well.

We shopped for a few supplies (chocolate, beer… the necessities!) and had ourselves a yummy, if a little naughty, take away meal to ground ourselves.

Whilst eating, we noticed out upstairs ‘neighbour’ was making an awful racket stomping around his room. We assumed this would naturally end in the evening so continued with our relaxing night. We took turns to bathe, and had fun completing ‘Oracles’ in several different spiritual magazines. We laughed at how things seemed to be synchronized between us (choosing the same cards etc).

We discovered that night that our upstairs neighbour was NOT going to quieten down. I cannot fully explain in words what we experienced that night… suffice to say the energy didn’t ‘feel’ right to me. There seemed to be alot of anger and a strange, repetitive need to pace aggressively back and forth…. we pleaded with the hotel staff several times for help as by the time it got to Midnight we were all in desperate need for sleep (we had been up since 5am). The staff had no joy with our strange neighbour, so instead we were moved to the other side of the hotel (we even helped carry the third bed upstairs). By 1am we were all settled in bed and asleep, half laughing and half frustrated that our first night in Avalon had been less than peaceful!

14054515_10157329095225504_6390040819779783009_o.jpgThe next morning we all woke a little … otherworldly. We felt the negative energies of the previous night hadn’t quite been shaken off, so we decided to start with breakfast (a la morrisons) and some magical shopping (Avalon IS my Diagon Alley!).

We then headed to the Goddess Temple.

It was beautifully dressed for Lammas/ Lughnasadh, with gorgeous images of Kerr the Grain Goddess everywhere. (Stock Photos as we don’t take them in the Temple)

We began, as always, sitting in the beautiful meditation circle within the Morgans of Avalon. I chose, again, to sit by Morgan Gliten the Morgan of Water.

This visit however, was not as peaceful as usual. The Temple was very busy – and not just with patrons meditating/ resting. There was a constant stream in and out of the doors of the Temple – some individuals just looking inside the door through curiosity!

Some of the visitors spent a long time shuffling around the wares on sale in the corner of the Temple – looking through leaflets and cards and asking questions (too loudly in my opinion) of the Temple Melissa.

I agree with Jesus that Temple is NO PLACE for the buying and selling of wares… in fact, as the Goddess Temple now has a Temple shop opposite it, I feel it has no need for this particular bit of space in the Temple… it was disruptive and interrupted the peaceful flow of energy and prayer.

Because of this, and due to the lady opposite me constantly staring at me, I became uncomfortable among the Morgans and left quite quickly.

I sat on the Furs beside the main Altar, and began my Meditation of Peace and thanks there – the furthest from the door I could get!

There were a few families in and meditating which was lovely to see – Mothers curled up next to their children, and a few women who appeared to come in for healing.

After Meditating for a little while I became aware of my Avalonian Sisters beside me – each of us praying and meditating in our way.

We each took it in turns to light candles on the Altar. Mine dedicated to The Lady but also to Her Consort. I gave thanks for all the Blessings bestowed on me and my Family, and asked for her Love and Protection for Willow.

Before we left the Temple, I ask the Temple Melissa (the wonderful Trevor who has such loving and peaceful energy!) if we may have a Smudging – the three of us together. He obliged, and we stood together with Aldana between us, holding one another as we were Blessed. At the end of the smudging, he called us the Three Sisters of the Goddess. It was a beautiful, moving moment, and Aldana cried. Our visit had given her exactly what she needed and we knew that when we asked her to join us.

Feeling renewed and connected, we made our way to the White Well.

We didn’t have long in the white well – it was closing early for further renovations, but we had enough time to visit each Altar, to leave offerings and give silent prayers. I also collected some of the white well water.


I spent some extra time at Herne’s Altar – after having His unexpected visit during my Tor meditation, I wanted Him to know that my Love is not just reserved for the Goddess!

Whilst in the white well we heard the most beautiful chanting from a young, dreadlocked man. He stripped his clothes off and went in to the Waters.

As I sat at Brighid’s Altar, listening to him sing, I remember thinking how beautiful he was. How confident and unafraid. Like a young Herne himself at Beltane…

With his beautiful song still ringing in our Souls, we headed for Chalice Well.

We wandered the gardens, meditated at the well head, dipped our feet in the icy cold healing waters of the Healing bath in King Arthur’s Court, and hugged the Ancient Yew Trees. It was a wonderful afternoon! Whilst hugging the trees and working with our singing bowls, we heard a Beautiful voice singing – it was our young dreadlocked Herne again! You can see the girls peering over the fence at him in my Tree hugging picture above.

With our day drawing to a close, we had a much more peaceful evening – bathing, reading, Henna tattoo-ing, Oracle card reading – again they were SO synchorized and SO apt! The Sisterhood card in particular struck a cord with us all! and another naughty dinner!

We had a far superior night’s sleep, and when leaving Avalon to return to our lives we all felt Spiritually restored.

It was a Beautiful Pilgrimage, to a Magickal Place, with very Special Spiritual Sisters… and I cannot wait for the next one!

14068522_10157329143385504_3634948485228011233_oBlessed Be,


Tending Seeds: The Coming of Spring

Ostara Spring Equinox 2016

As I write this post, the Clan and I have just returned from a walk down to the Horse Fields and play park. The Sun was warm behind the Spring morning mists, and eventually broke through to brighten the day.

The Daffodils are starting to sprout up everywhere, and the trees beginning to stretch and yawn ready to bloom once more.

The air smells of Spring. Ostara is days away now.

At this time of year we honour the Goddess as Maiden of Flowers, of newborn creatures and the tender of the Land. We think of the germination going on beneath our feet – seeds sprouting and roots taking hold. Plants growing upwards to break through the soil and bask in the warmth of the sun and drink from the spring rainfalls. 

For me, watching our daughter grow each day and she heads towards her second birthday at Beltane, I am amazed at how the cycle of life, death and rebirth is so quick.

It literally feels like only yesterday I was celebrating Ostara with the round, pregnant belly of the expectant Mother. Now here I am watching my offspring run around and demand “AGAIN” whilst zipping down the slide. 

My Husband is having a wonderful time being a stay-at-home dad to our Little Jedi Princess and he is doing an amazing job of raising her. He regularly teaches her about Nature and the Gods, and though she is not yet two she already talks about Magick, the God & Goddess and has quite a thing for Dragons at the moment!

We have an Ostara egg hunt planned as a family and I cannot wait to see her face!

Each Spring seems to come quicker these days – maybe it’s because I’m 30, maybe because I now measure time by my Daughter’s growth.

As well as going for more walks and woodland adventures now that it is turning warmer, something that I always like to do each Spring is to plan my Spiritual endeavours for the rest of the year.

Alongside my regular practice of journaling, blogging, Altar time and Meditation, I will also be undertaking a second Pilgrimage to Avalon this year. I will be going in the Summer with my Soul Sister and our Celtic Moon Sister Aldana to soak up the energies of the Goddess as a Triad. I am immensely looking forward to it.

I will also be holidaying in Majorca with my Family, and intend to study a little of their native lands deities and see if I can connect to any of them whilst I am away from Albion’s shores. 

I will also be spending the rest of this year working on my book, several different courses and plans for a new Spiritual community (albeit it online and through workshops – I cannot commit to a new circle or coven nor do I want to). 

I have been readily enjoying several books on the Divine Feminine at the moment, and it is partly these books that are inspiring me to still wish to teach the pagan path and lessons of the goddess to others – it is something which I have always been pulled to do even if I do not always have the time or ability to dedicate solely to it. 

In the future I would like to be able to run courses and workshops alongside my Drama Teaching, and to be able to fulfil my role as a Dedicated Priestess of Brighid & of Avalon. 

I have all of the ideas – now I just need the determination to see my own seeds sown, cultivated and blossoming!

However this Spring Equinox finds you, I hope you find comfort and join the regaining strength of the sun and that your own garden of spirituality begins to overflow with life, colour and abundance.
Blessed Be,



Return from Avalon ~ Renewal & Rebirth

Merry Meet all,


I have returned from my social media break – though now I am only really on Twitter and Instagram properly now. I do have a facebook but it is private and only for family.

I have removed many people from my life – old friends, newer friends, pagan friends – not because I don’t care for them, but more that I care for my own mental health and wellbeing more. I suffer with Anxiety and the constant stream of the “newsfeed” was too much. Watching others do things I no longer can, or that we had planned to do together but never did, set my anxieties and worries off. I began to feel low and disconnected. I felt like Celtic Moon had failed and friendships had been forgotten after the birth of our daughter, which I couldn’t understand. But then I too have made changes in my life so now I have a fresh perspective, and I am happy for all those who I no longer follow every second of every day. I am sure they are all happy and blessed which is all I have ever wanted for them. I hope they are pleased for my own found happiness too.

I have found my break away has been refreshing and a real eye opener as to what truly matters in life and what does not – Facebook is not a priority!

My priorities are my family, my spirituality, my work and the future that I wish to have.

I am going through a very introspective period in my life where I am focusing on me – that means I don’t have the time and energy to devote to anyone but the closest of friends. Acquaintances, work colleagues, old school friends and pagans I’ve met over the years are still in my heart and mind, still in my positive thoughts and prayers, but not within my inner circle of family and bonded buddies.

I have found an inner freedom and internal peace from this – living my way, never expecting too much of myself yet still setting high goals for happiness, a reduction in anxiety and in letting my life revolve around those closest to my heart.

Last Summer my Soul Sister Moonstream and I visited Glastonbury Avalon for a Pilgrimage.

Part of that Pilgrimage was dedicated to my own self-healing and emotional recovery.

I forgave others, I forgave myself, I made conscious decisions to cleanse myself of my bruised ego and concentrate on joy, peace and love.

Since then, I have had a growing sense of peace. Like loose ends had been tied, and permission given to move forward.

Imbolc has just passed us, and with the renewing energies of Spring just awakening, I am being reborn into the Love and protection of The Goddess and her Loving Consort.

In celebration of this, and a gift for my 30th Birthday which was at Samhain, my soul sister brought us back to Avalon for another Spiritual pilgrimage.

We arrived in Avalon with the familiar “coming home” butterflies in our bellies, and proceeded to head up the Spiral Path and journey to the summit of the beautiful Tor. The embodiment of The Lady in the land of Avalon.


We talked as we walked – about my Daughter, Moonstream’s spiritual godchild, about Moonsteam’s holistic hopes for the future, of dreams and achieving things we want despite setbacks.

As we walked, my knee and hip ached and my lungs filled with ice cold air – but the spring Sun was warm and constant and the blue skies willed us onward and upward.

When we reached the top we took time to enjoy the awe-inspiring view.

On our last visit I left a spell and crystal – buried on the Tor for protection – I felt its energies re-affirmed with our presence there.

Feeling our first spiritual achievement of the pilgrimage had been met, we made our way back down the Tor to Chalice Well gardens to enjoy some much needed time in quiet contemplation, amongst the flowers and fellow pilgrims, beside the flowing healing waters of the Red Well.

We found Brighid’s blanket of Imbolc Snowdrops, and Daffodils so yellow they paled the sun above us.

We meditated beside the well head – first alone, then with some silent kindred sisters.

I lit a Flame of Avalon, and charged some of my dedicated Avalon crystals on the Well-Head’s makeshift Altar.

During my meditation I had an unexpected visit from Grandmother Crow. She appeared in visualisation, a little more nude than her last visit.


Artist currently unknown – Image found through Google Image search

She told me to look at her and to examine her body. She showed me the lines from carrying children, the sag of her stomach from the birthgiving and “enjoying sustenance”, she showed me her breasts – heavy and gravitationally challenged – no long pert and smooth as in her youth. She told me to see the wrinkles on her body and the veins of her lifeblood that were ever present on her pale aged skin – like blue woad patterns woven into her being. Her hair long and grey – stripped of colour, but not of life.

I asked her why she wanted to show me this – what did it mean?

“Am I not beautiful child? As I am?”

I had to admit, she was. Confident in her own beauty and with a soulful reverence for each mark, scar, wrinkle and roll-line – she was beautiful.

“If you accept that this is beautiful, with all that you see, then you must accept your own beauty and be happy and confident in who you are also.”

And boom. Just like that, Grandmother Crow tells me to shut up, fix up, shake myself and stop being so unconfident in who I am and how I look.

The Divine Feminine making her message clear when it is was needed.

Even though this was not my line of thinking as I sat in reverence at the Well head… It was a message I definitely needed to hear.

I spent alot of time thinking about archetypes and aspects of the Goddess and how it relates to my life at this moment in time – Grandmother Crow was encouraging me to find the Queen within and accept that I am allowed to be Happy with who I am and have confidence in myself and my abilities.

I have kept this feeling with me since her visit at the well head.

After some time, Moonstream and I awoke naturally from Meditation together and went to sit within the Ivy Bower beside the Angel figurehead.
Flowers had been left in offering before our visit. I left a green aventurine disc – a request made at the well-head. Moonstream wrote out a sympathetic request for the universe, and attached it to the bough.

After collecting Water at the Lion’s head font, we walked up to the sun-basked meadow and sat together on a swinging bench looking up at the expanse of the Tor and the bright blue sky.

Again we talked, and relaxed together in contented silence, both appreciating the time to just “be” – to be at Peace, to relax, to hit pause on the world for that small space of time. It was wonderful.

Together we walked to King Arthur’s court and Blessed sacred jewellery and stones in the Waterfall flow, before taking our time to appreciate the peace of the garden at the Vesica Pool.

We bid the Gardens a farewell feeling Blessed, at Peace, Spiritually cleansed and recharged.

After a relaxing evening in our hotel with hot baths, colouring, reading and writing we had a deep nights sleep.

On the second day of our pilgrimage we woke slowly and enjoyed the peace of not “having” to go anywhere in a rush.

After a hearty breakfast, we headed into town. Starting at the church on top of the hill (where we witnesses the colourful funeral of a local busker – pony and trap, flowers, a Scottish piper and a myriad of alternatively clothed individuals) we made our way down one side of the high street in search of incense and for Moonstream idea-inspiring books!

By the time we got to the Speaking Tree we were both cold and in need of a sit down (we spent a LONG time looking at books!) so we headed to the Blue Note cage for epic hot chocolates!

Once finished here we visited the Goddess Temple gifts shop and StarChild (a must if only to enjoy their incense of the day!)

Once finished there we headed up to the Goddess Temple itself. (All Temple Images are stock internet images as we did not take photographs).

This visit, the Temple was decorated in Honour of Brighid and Imbolc.

Beautiful white cloth and silks were hung around the space, shrouding the Morgan statues like a thin veil of mist.

The main altar had a new artwork by Tiana – Bridie the swan maiden – at the centre (see above image bottom second from left), with images of the Goddess of the Sacred Flame on either side.

The great calendar Altar had been moved to an image of Brighid with her Flame and her guardian Wolf.

The Morgans themselves were still arranged in the comforting enclosure of a sisterly circle. A beautiful artwork of Brighid, bare-breasted in from of the Tor with a Flame in her hands looked over the circle of meditation cushions and the central Morgan Altar with all of the statues of each of the Sister Morgens.

I chose to sit on the blue cushions before Morgan Gliten – the Morgan of Water – the Mermaid Morgan if you will!

Moonstream sat beneath the artwork of Brighid with her oracle cards.

Before me I laid out my Avalon crystal, my Lady of Avalon palm stone and a large tear-drop of Purple Fluorite.

As I meditated, I allowed the energies of the Morgans of Avalon to flow into my crystals and charge them.

As I meditated, the beautiful Goddess chants played by the Temple Melissa filled my head and my heart. A Chant for Bridie began, and sat beneath her Image in the Temple dresses just for her, I felt Blessed by Brighid. I gave thanks to her with prayers I had written in my pocket book of shadows – my mini Pagan bible.

Then I closed my eyes and began a deep meditation. A chant for Domnu began – Goddess of the Ocean. I felt my heart lift. This chant soon turned into one dedicated to Yemaya – a yoruban goddess of the sea and oceans. The Mermaid Goddesses were very strong!


Goddess Domnu by Tiana

I visualised myself swimming underwater – a huge blue mermaid’s tail propelling me along. I felt free. I felt at peace. I felt beautiful. I felt strong. I felt the coolness of the water on my skin, tasted the salt on mty lips and felt the sun’s rays penetrating the water to light my face as I swam.
It was wonderful.


This pilgrimage had been dedicated to Brighid and the Lady of Avalon, but Yemaya seemed to be reminding me that She and I have unfinished business.

My Temple visitation has now given me the kick to ensure I explore this further!

After nearly 40 minutes within the Morgan circle, I left my soul sister in meditation and went to kneel at the calendar altar to Brighid – again giving prayers from my personal grimoire.

When I finishes there, I joined Moonstream on beautiful purple cushions to the right of the main Temple Altar.

We were joined by a woman and her son who must have been about 6 years old, a meditating man who moved his hands in what looked like a series of mudhras, a buxom lady in red who bowed before Brighid’s altar in reverence before writing in her own journal, and a flurry of others who came and went as we sat in peaceful meditation and contemplation.

I lit a candle on the Altar in thanksgiving and asking for Brighid to allow me to rededicate myself as her Priestess.

Even without Celtic Moon, I still intend to spiritually teach and serve my Patron Goddess in the years to come. I also re-affirmed my role as a self-taught Priestess of Avalon – Blessed by Avaloniya and her Sisterhood of Morgens.

I made notes in my journal and contemplated receiving a smudging.

As I did this, a lady in green had a smudging herself. She was followed by the buxom red maiden.

I turned to my spiritual sister and asked her if she would like to receive a smudging together – to further bond us together and almost as an offering to the Goddess.

We spoke to the Temple Melissa who encouraged us to hold hands as she Blessed us. Her name was Mary and she wore one of the sacred shawls with beautiful green feathers on – it was made by the same lady who made my Owl shawl.


She uses feathers to waft the white sage around us. She told us to leave behind whatever we no longer needed and to move forward in joy and happiness. She told us to remember that we are loved, and to hug one another to affirm our spiritual bond. We hugged, with the Temple Melissa, who offered us her own Blessings alongside the energy of the Lady of Avalon.

It was perfect.

We both left the Temple feeling connected, emotional, on the verge of tears – but Happy ones.


We returned to the high street in search of more incense, and in one of the stores we met a woman who was offering alternative hair braiding.

The last time Moonstream and I journeyed here together I marked it by getting my nose pierced. This time I decided to get Mermaid-inspired hair braids to mark our visit (and in Honour of Domnu, Yemaya & Gliten and their blessings in the Temple).

From there we enjoyed a drink and a rest in the George & Pilgrim before heading to the White Well.

I took offerings for both Herne and Brighid’s Altars, as well as 3 glass vials to collect some water from the White Well.

We began at Herne’s Altar.


I gave prayers of thanks for his fulfilling of my wishes at my last pilgrimage here. I Thanked him for the transformation of my emotions in regard to certain situations in my life.

I burned incense for him, wafting it around the altar and before the image of him as Lord of the Wildwood.

I then gave a disc of amethyst to his altar and gave prayers for my husband. The content of these prayers I will not share in detail – but as Lord of all man he is the deity most suited to helping my husband explore his role in life and the journey ahead of him. To understand his role as Father, Lover, Husband and Care-giver, as well as finding himself and exploring his own soul further.

I left his Altar feeling the same surety that I had on my previous visit.

I filled my glass vials with water from the White Well pool, and made my way to Brighid’s Altar.


Again I gave thanks to her just as I had in the Goddess Temple, and recited again the Charge of the Priestess and my dedication to her.

I gave a disc of Rose Quartz this time, and offered prayers for my Daughter Willow – that she may grow protected and blessed in the Love of the Goddess just as I have been, that she may be safe and strong and happy, and that she feels Loved beyond all other things. I thanked Brighid for all that she gives to us as a family, and for Blessing the bond between us as a family.

Finally I gave Thanks to the Spirit of the Well, washing my hands in the pool, and anointing my third eye chakra with the Blessed Healing waters.

Moonstream worked her own personal Magick at each of the Altars, and I gave her a vial to collect her own White Well Water as well.

Together we left the Well house feeling at Peace, and thankful for such a wonderful chance to indulge in our spirituality together.

Another evening of sacred music, hot baths, reading and writing – with good food and beer for good measure followed by an extremely restorative and deep nights sleep.

We spent time on the pilgrimage discussing our hopes and desires for the future – including some exciting spiritual projects for us both (alone and together!) as well as making a plan for another visit in the summer with another friend of ours.

All in all I have come away feeling restored. The Divine Feminine and Her Sacred Consort have infused me with a deep peace, determination and a spiritual Harmony that has enveloped me and reinvigorated my soul in perfect love and perfect trust.

May the Lady and her Love Bless you all!


Blessed Be,

Celtic Moon… Merry Part.


In recent weeks I have had to come to a very difficult decision.

In these last five years, the Celtic Moon family has grown to over 450 members from all over the world, and this is not including our followers on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

From a small training circle, to a large extended community, we have loved sharing the Magick, Friendship and Learning of the Pagan Path with people from all over the world.


However, in recent months our circumstances have changed greatly.

With us needing to move home, the birth of our daughter, and my subsequent return to work full time, we could no longer run the Celtic Moon training moots. The Circle therefore, disbanded and went their separate ways to further their own Pagan studies and follow their own paths.


Now in this last month, Hubby has become a full-time stay at home dad to our daughter Willow, and I have become the sole breadwinner for our family – a choice that we believe has been made for the best for all of us.


This does however mean that we have had to make adjustments to our finances, and as we no longer host the training moots (where the circle members would pay a £3 subscription fee per moot each to cover the cost of running the website) We have had to take on the cost of running the Celtic Moon website for the last 18 months alone.

This is something which we can no longer afford to do.

Equally, as a full-time Teacher and a Mother, I personally can no longer give the same amount of time, effort and care into the website as I once did.

We do not wish to give the running of the website over to another party – nor do we wish to find alternative domains for the site at this time.


Celtic Moon was born of my personal beliefs and spirituality, and I therefore very much feel a true sense of ownership over it.

Celtic Moon is part of us all – but if I cannot dedicate enough time, energy and magick into it at this time, then it must too go into hibernation and allow its members to explore their own spirituality elsewhere.


I do hope that one day I will be able to start again with the site – not on NING which is too expensive in our mind, but at the moment this is not possible.

We will therefore be cancelling our Ning subscription this weekend (Saturday 26th September) as part of the Mabon Autumn Equinox Harvest, and the website will then go down in a few weeks time when our account is officially closed. We do not know how long after cancellation it takes to take full effect.

We would therefore suggest that if you have made friends on the website, you swap alternative contact details.


If there are photos / articles / information from the site that you wish to retain, you copy or download it before the site is shut down. Again, we will have no real control over when it goes down once I cancel the subscription at the weekend.

I’d like to finish by saying a massive thank you to all of you for your support and blessings over the past 5 years – it has meant so much to us both and to all whom Celtic Moon has had a spiritual and personal impact on.


We will miss the website very much, but at the same time, we have to concentrate on our family and that must be our priority at this time.

I will still be running my Blog here (Daughter of Avalon –  the Celtic Moon Pagan Community page on Facebook & the Celtic Mooners feed on Twitter. Any future potential sites will be shared via these mediums.


Goddess willing, this will not be the end of Celtic Moon, just a rest period.

In the end, we feel that this is the best thing to do.

I have many, many, MANY happy memories of Celtic Moon, and I hope that the other members of the circle, website and wider celtic moon community feel the same.


It has had an amazing and very special impact on my life – both spiritual and mundane, on the lives of my husband and our daughter who was born of its magick, and it is so much more than just a website or a training circle. Celtic Moon is a way of life, and I intend to ensure that it lives on.


Blessed Be,